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Beams x Mizuno Sky Medal

White / Green / Navy

Model: D1GD180614

120,00 € 150,00 €

Now based on "SKY MEDAL OG" which faithfully reproduced the masterpiece "SKY MEDAL TR" revived to the present day, the collaboration model is based on the theme of "Wa", based on a simple "white", "Navy" and "Saxophone Blue "while skillfully arranging" shoot tongue has given fun of beauty that got inspiration from sunset and the company name of MIZUNO then Mitsuzu.

In addition, Insole made by "Heel" or "ORTHOLITE (Ortholite)" attracts details unique to the "KAZOKU" project such as arranging "MIZUNO" and "BEAMS" logo mark.

Model: D1GD180614

Brand: Mizuno


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