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24 Kilates x Brooks Heritage Beast 1 "La Bestia"

High Risk Red / Black

Model: 110224-1D-619

125,00 € 150,00 €

24 Kilates and Brooks Heritage release “La Bestia”, a fiery version of the fabled Beast silhouette inspired by the feeling of fear and the imagery from horror stories that causes it.

“La Bestia”, the Spanish word for “Beast” plays not only on the name of the resurrected 90s running shoe, but also on other terms for monsters, demons and horror antagonists. From the ground up, the shoe captures the horror genre and underworld mythology beginning with red-hot flames on the outsole representing the storied fiery pits below us which we walk above. Crimson and black suede and indulgent, silky red mesh cover the upper of the shoe along with 3M detailing to reinforce the dark, edgy theme of the shoe with colors often connected to scary stories and movies and the fear of the unknown. A representation of a beast adorns the shoe, stitched onto the tongue above the 24 Kilates logo. This special edition comes with a unique packaging.

NOTE: The sizing of this model from Brooks is smaller than other models. We recommend that you order half a size up.

NOTA : El tallaje de este modelo de Brooks es más pequeño que el del cualquier otro modelo. Os aconsejamos pedir medio número más.

Model: 110224-1D-619


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