Mita Sneakers x Puma Clyde "$1000"


Model 364303-02

In 2007, Mita Sneakers adorned the Puma Clyde with a US currency pattern. For 2016, the Tokyo based shop is again using the Walt Frazier infused $1,000 bill graphic to style the Puma Clyde. Evoking Walt Frazier’s style, the kicks are adorned with diamond-like studs that cover the stripe on the outer side of the shoe.

Otherwise, the sneaker is mostly dressed in black from the heel to the tongue, toe and inner-side. Furthering its ode to Frazier, Mita uses a mismatch application of blue and orange on the inner-sides of the shoe (representing Frazier’s team, the New York Knicks).


130,00 €

Sizing in EU (US) format. See the conversion table if needed.

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