Bait x Diadora N9000 x Dreamworks Collection "Shrek"

Gray Turbine

Model 501.171242.01.75005

Bait teamed up with Dreamworks Studios for an ongoing Diadora series inspired by some of the most iconic characters in animated movie history.  The BAIT x Dreamworks x Diadora Felix the Cat and Shrek N9000s are the result of this partnership. The Felix the Cat inspired sneaker features a combination of rich velvet suede, tumbled nubuck, and Augusta Italian leather.  The color combination of the black and white upper resemble Felix himself, while black speckles hit the rear midsole.

On the other hand, the Shrek Diadora N9000s combine premium suede, tumbled abricot leather and Italian-made heathered canvas, which boasts a natural and olive color palette. Shrek’s signature outfit. Both editions come with premium leather laces a unique printed insole and specially designed limited edition boxes.


210,00 €

Sizing in EU (US) format. See the conversion table if needed.

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