Asics Gel-Lyte V "Aix-en-Provence

Purple / Beige

Model H63TK-3535

Back in 1979 the Asics research facility in Kobe branched out into a research laboratory exclusively for evaluating sport shoe features, now known as the Institute of Sport Science of Asics. Over 100 scientists here continue to push the boundaries of footwear performance, comfort and fit. It was here that they developed the Asics Gel Cushioning System, which is able to absorb shock by dissipating vertical impact and dispersing it into a horizontal plane. It revolutionized the Asics footwear line and was the start of the Gel-Lyte dynasty.

The legacy of Asics innovation continued with the introduction of the Gel-Lyte V, a subtle progression within the Gel-Lyte series that features a sole unit with a stability insert, Gel pad at the heel and P-Gel in the forefoot, as well as a sleeker, more form-fitting toe design to create extra comfort. It’s a more flexible and lighter sneaker. A product of this time and an intelligent piece of performance shoe design.


99,00 €

140,00 €

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